Group Lotus has no plans to make a move towards F1, despite the ongoing arguments with Tony Fernandes' Lotus Racing over the rights to the Team Lotus name.

Group Lotus granted a licence to Fernandes to run as Lotus Racing this season, but the relationship between the two parties has since soured - with the pair now at the centre of disagreements over the usage of the Team Lotus name.

Fernandes believes he has rightly bought the rights to the Team Lotus name from David Hunt, the brother of former F1 champion James, but Proton - the owner of Group Lotus - insists the name wasn't his to sell in the first place.

The result is that the courts are likely to decide on who can use the name going forwards.

The argument comes at a time when Group Lotus is expanding its motorsport activities, with support of Takuma Sato in IndyCar this season being followed by a merger with ART for the 2011 GP2/GP3 and the announcement that the company is set to build its own LMP2 sportscar.

However, Lotus Motorsport chief Claudio Berro insists that F1 isn't being viewed as an option.

"This is not our decision at the moment, as I said, because F1 has enormous costs.," he told "We are investing so much on our new products and models, so, to sustain all these activities, you also need to have economic resources. Even if they are trying to lower costs, F1 is expensive. I think that, if Lotus is to go into F1, they have to do it at the top and competing with the best teams, unlike this year.

"Honestly I haven't examined the new technical regulations so far because, as I said, F1 is out of our plans. We are trying to bring our existing problems on and to do a good 2011 season. Then if Formula One will be accessible and the conditions will be there, we will see. But the decision depends not on me, but on the shareholders and the board. It will be a future step."