Christian Horner and Stefano Domenicali have played down talk that a switch to a two-day race weekend format would be the best way forwards for F1.

Poor weather conditions at Suzuka led to qualifying and the Japanese Grand Prix being run on the same day, as was the case back in 2004, amid talk that teams were evaluating a possible change to the weekend format in order to cut costs.

However, despite seeing Sebastian Vettel take pole and victory on Sunday in Japan, Horner said he wasn't keen to see a single day of qualifying and racing, even though he admitted that teams should evaluate the current schedule prior to the weekend.

At the moment, scrutineering takes place on a Thursday before the two 90 minute long practice sessions on Friday.

"For me it would have been nice to enjoy the pole position for a little bit longer than three hours," he told ITV-F1. "I think it's worked well in difficult conditions here, but I still personally prefer qualifying on a Saturday, race on a Sunday."

"Friday there's more that we can do with. To have teams here on Wednesdays doesn't make any sense. So perhaps to bring scrutineering into Friday, perhaps to introduce incentives for young drivers on Friday.

"There're all things that together with the commercial rights holder and the FIA we should look at."

Domenicali agreed that, while a format of qualifying and racing on the same day was exciting for fans, it wasn't ideal for the teams.

"I can understand that for a European [TV] viewer qualifying last night was good maybe for the young guys that are just coming back from the night before!" he said. "But I think that from the team's perspective it is quite heavy because there's a lot of jobs to do, a lot of adrenalin, a lot of pressure, [for] drivers and teams.

"If you have a problem with the car, or you have a crash, then really it is very difficult to make sure that you are able to start the race. At least as far as I can see, it was intense on our side.

"It would be interesting how you [the media] and the public will think about this kind of situation."