In a bizarre twist to the inaugural Korean Grand Prix this weekend, it has emerged that a good number of F1 team members have been forced to stay in brothels due to a shortage of accommodation near to the Korea International Circuit in Yeongam County.

It is understood that so great has the demand for hotel rooms been - and with the track being some 250 miles away from the capital city of Seoul - that desperate measures have had to be resorted to, with pit members and other staff left with no other option but to stay in ?150-a-night so-called 'love hotels', where conditions have been somewhat less than five-star...

"One of the Sauber mechanics was asked if he also wanted a girl for the week," a paddock insider told British newspaper The Sun, "and one of the hospitality girls is convinced her room was 'let out' for a few hours while she was away."

The revelation is just the latest in a series of embarrassing PR disasters for the Korean Grand Prix, whose preparations were severely delayed by poor weather conditions and political squabbling - with the result that construction work was ongoing right the way up to opening practice this morning.

With safety concerns having been expressed by several drivers [see separate story - click here], whilst competitors generally seem to be enjoying the challenge that the circuit presents, there are a number of elements that unquestionably leave room for improvement.