Frank as ever, Mark Webber has held his hands up to the error that cost him the F1 2010 World Championship lead in this weekend's inaugural Korean Grand Prix - but insisted that whilst he may now be 'back with the others', he is very much still capable of clinching the crown.

On what he admitted was a 'frustrating' day, Webber - whose voice, along with that of eventual winner Fernando Alonso, was one of the most vociferous during the first of the two safety car starts in arguing that conditions were not ready for racing at that time - lost the back end of his car on only the second full-speed lap and slewed into the Turn Twelve barriers, in so doing throwing away second place.

Having only just kissed the wall, however, he might almost have got away with it had his Red Bull Racing RB6 not then rebounded across the circuit, narrowly missing the following Alonso but collecting the luckless Nico Rosberg, who had even taken to the grass in an effort to avoid the Australian.

Having arrived in Korea holding a 14-point advantage over any of his pursuers, Webber left again eleven in arrears of Alonso, though doubtless thanking his lucky stars that team-mate Sebastian Vettel's late-race engine failure had prevented an already bad situation for him from turning catastrophic.

"It was totally my fault," the 34-year-old confessed. "I got on the kerb on the exit of Turn Twelve, and it was a very slow-motion moment off the back of that kerb - it was my mistake and today wasn't my day. I thought I'd managed to catch it, but the wall was close and I lost the car and made contact with the wall, which did some damage. It was nothing too heavy, but it was enough to bring the car back to the other side of the track and then Nico hit me, which wrecked his race as well.

"Conditions were fine by the time we were racing - on the edge, but okay. Today didn't help me with the championship, but I can absolutely still win it - this was only my second non-finish of the year. Positions are not really important at the moment; points are the most important thing, and obviously they can change very quickly. I'm back with the others now on points, but there are still two races to go and of course I'll do my absolute best."


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