We continue to support new FIA president Jean Todt, McLaren team boss and FOTA chairman, Martin Whitmarsh has declared following last weekend's Korean Grand Prix.

Todt, who has now been in the job just over a year, recently also got the thumbs up from F1 boss, Bernie Ecclestone [see separate story - click here]. It follows speculation that not all are pleased with how he is doing things and that former FIA president Max Mosley - who ironically backed his application for the presidency - has been among those apparently unhappy with his first year.

Indeed some reports suggest that the direction in which Todt is steering the governing body has led to Mosley seeking to use his allies still in office to oppose the Frenchman's power - although Whitmarsh it would seem is not in that camp.

"I don't know if this is about the speculation that has been in the media about Jean Todt," Whitmarsh told autoweekracing.com, "and that there are moves within the FIA and unhappiness and who might be behind that. I'm not involved in FIA politics.

"But I'd say that Jean Todt has, I think, played a good role. I think he's busily and quietly reforming the FIA in the background, which has probably caused some discomfort within that organisation.

"I think he hasn't used F1 for his personal platform and his own promotion, and I think that's very, very positive.

"I think what Jean is doing is good, and we continue to support him in that position."


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