F1 commercial rights holder Bernie Ecclestone has said he would like to see Max Mosley return to a role within the FIA.

Mosley, who saw the latter stages of his time as president of the governing body dogged by rumours about his private life, left his position last year after he elected not to seek another term in office and was replaced by the former Ferrari team boss Jean Todt.

Ecclestone was one of the figures who had been keen for Mosley to stay in his role as FIA president and has now said he would be keen to see his long-time friend make a return in a new position within the organisation.

"I didn't want him to go," he told ESPN F1. "It would be nice to have him back.

"We could go back to the FIA and FISA. Max could be president of the FIA looking after Formula One and Jean could be president of FISA running the sporting side. I don't think the teams would mind. If you ask anyone now, if Max came back as president of the FIA would they complain? I think they'd say no."

Although he says he would be happy for Mosley to return, Ecclestone was quick to add that he was happy with the job Todt has done since being voted in as his replacement.

"Jean has been busy doing other things and has left Formula One to get on with it," he said, "which is quite right because it's in pretty good shape generally, FIA wise. I think he understands that and I think he's happy we're looking after the championship."


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