Ex-FIA President Max Mosley has responded to F1 commercial rights-holder Bernie Ecclestone's stated desire to see him return to the grand prix paddock by admitting that it is 'a very nice idea and very friendly', but adamant that he has 'moved on' now and that going back 'wouldn't be the right thing to do'.

For the best part of four decades, Ecclestone and Mosley worked together in F1 as friends, business associates and allies, and the former confessed a couple of days ago that he 'didn't want Max to go and it would be nice to have him back', adding that 'we could go back and Max could be President of the FIA and Jean [Todt - current FIA President] could be President of FISA (F?d?ration Internationale du Sport Automobile), running the sporting side' [see separate story - click here].

However, Mosley - who stepped down last October as part of a peace deal with the Formula One Teams' Association (FOTA) and who it was recently rumoured was behind a coup to try to unseat Todt, who he played a key role in helping to win the governing body's presidential election but whose very different style of regime and future direction for the FIA he is reputedly unhappy with - has been swift to repudiate any such notions, insisting that he is eager to let the former Ferrari team principal get on with the job in his own manner.

"I think my F1 days are finished and I've moved onto other things," the famously controversial and divisive Englishman told BBC Radio Five Live. "One should never go back. [Returning to the sport] is completely a rumour. I follow it vaguely at a distance. I'm really now just an ordinary fan - I watch it on the television, but it's no longer my responsibility. It's a nice idea and very friendly to say 'come back', but the truth of the matter is it wouldn't be the right thing to do.

"I pushed very strongly for Jean and I think he'll get the job done, and I want him to succeed because I'm responsible in part for him being there. He must be given a chance to run it in his own way, which obviously will be different to my way and might be better. The last thing really I would want to do is interfere with what he is doing now."


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