Sebastian Vettel has reiterated that he was only joking last month, when it was reported he was so desperate to drive for Ferrari that he would pay for Fernando Alonso or Felipe Massa to go on holiday for the year.

The German has made no secret of his desire to one day join the Scuderia, and while it is clear he is currently more than happy with Red Bull Racing, not surprisingly given the Milton Keynes-based outfit is the team to beat, the F1 2010 world champion likes to continue to tease the media.

"I was asked [last month] what I would do if I could not drive for Red Bull Racing this year," he told Germany's Auto Bild this week.

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"I said I would send either Fernando or Felipe on a long holiday and they could then leave me with their car.

"I said it because Ferrari will have a strong car this year, so it would certainly be my first choice [in those circumstances].

"But probably not everyone completely understands my sense of humour. Right now I feel very comfortable with Red Bull Racing. Sure, Ferrari, McLaren and Mercedes are brands with a lot of tradition and it would be great to be part of that history. But for me, the performance of the car is always the main focus," he summed-up.


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Why-O-Why-O-Why do the media constantly look for a story that is never there. Just how far out of context can so called journalists take a flippant comment. The joke is on you guys! Why not just report the story as is... Oh, I know why... Because no one would read your drivvel therefore it would have an impact on you personally...

Can't you see that practically no one practically anything that is written because of your over hyping of such trivial and innocent comments...

C'mon guys & girls ... Get real!