Ferrari technical director Pat Fry insists the team has a better understanding of the hard Pirelli tyre having struggled with the rubber so far in the 2011 F1 season.

Although the hard tyre wasn't used in Monaco - and won't be used this weekend in Canada - Ferrari has been working hard to try and ensure there is no repeat of the issues suffered by Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa in Spain.

Having investigated the cause of its problems, Fry said the team now has a better understanding of the performance of the harder tyres which will be of benefit moving forwards.

"Barcelona is a very challenging track, where downforce and car balance are key, and you need to develop good tyre temperature especially on the hard tyre," he said. "We have worked a lot on this factor and got a good understanding of it now and are working on fixing it for other circuits where this will be necessary."

Pirelli will take the same soft and super-soft tyres to Montreal that were used in Monaco and Fry said that was likely to provide a challenge for teams this weekend.

"The Canadian race can be a bit like Monaco in that it's all about traction and braking, although brakes come under far more stress here," he said. "Traction and how the car uses the tyres at corner exit will be the key to the life of the rear tyres. I expect we will have slightly less concerns about tyre wear than last year as the Soft and Supersoft compounds are now a little bit harder. Brake performance is heavily linked to the aerodynamics (because the smaller the cooling ducts, the better the aero efficiency of the car) and so we always try and run the brakes very hot as this means you get more performance out of the rest of the car.

"Montreal is an extreme track on a par with Singapore in terms of being the hardest on brakes, so in the factory we run the brakes on special dynos in order to tune the cooling levels required, to see how much margin we have and how extreme we can afford to be."


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