Sergio Perez has been cleared to compete in the Canadian Grand Prix after medical checks at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

The Sauber driver spent two nights in hospital in Monte Carlo following a high-speed accident in qualifying for the Monaco Grand Prix, which left the Mexican rookie with concussion and a sprained thigh.

Following examination by FIA Medical Delegate Jean Charles Piette and medical officers at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Perez has been given the green light to race in Canada this weekend and said he never felt his participation in the event would be in any doubt.

"I've had the tests with the FIA," Perez told journalists on the event of the Montreal weekend. "They did all their examinations - actually they are very good examinations. They checked all my bones, my reactions, my memory, that everything is fine and that I don't feel sick or have a headache and they saw all the results from the doctors, so that's what they did.

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"After the accident, everything was planned to leave the day after, but I felt a bit dizzy so I stayed there one more day and there was enough time, we were always very positive that there was enough time to recover after the accident.

"All the doctors were very positive that nothing was damaged, no problem at all, so it was just a matter of time to get back to normal life, and I got back very quickly."

Perez revealed that he had already been back in the cockpit since leaving hospital, in order totest himself ahead of Canada.

"They released me from hospital on Monday, but I stayed in Monaco for two or three days, just working and recovering from the accident," he noted, "Then I flew to Zurich to do another check-up with a clinic there and, after that, everything was okay.

"Then I went back to Mexico, which is very close from here. I was some days at home, which was very positive for me. Then I went to do karting on Monday and Tuesday so I am already okay. It always helps after a big crash to at least drive something."

The only drawback heading to Canada was missing the chance to get to grips with a circuit he has not run on before.

"I have played it on PlayStation, but I could not use the simulator as I was planning to do after Monaco as it was not possible to go," he confirmed.

"However, I have seen a lot of on-boards, and I think it is a very special circuit. You are always very close to the walls and, to do a good lap around here, you have to really push a lot to get the maximum out of the car and out of the lap.

"It is the nearest circuit to my home, so I think there are a lot of Mexicans around. I hope it will be a very special grand prix for me."