Lotus Renault GP team principal Eric Boullier reckons the recent on-off situation with the Bahrain Grand Prix has damaged F1 - although he added that he will be happy to see the sport go back there 'as soon as everything is safe' and 'the timing is good'.

While the organisers of the Bahrain GP have now admitted defeat and have accepted the race won't happen this year [see separate story - click here], Boullier told sportinglife.com that the whole affair could have been handled a lot better.

"Obviously, yes," he replied, when asked if F1 has been damaged by recent events, which saw the FIA's World Motor Sport Council re-instate the event only seven days ago. "I am a young, inexperienced team principal, but I am pushing hard to do my best to help build F1 for the future.

"But obviously it is never good when you expect such reactions (as has been the case this week) when they happen. F1 is a non-political sport. We cannot do whatever we want because there are issues like this and we need to be a bit more cautious."

Despite that though, Boullier is keen to see Bahrain re-join the fold in the future: "I have nothing against Bahrain," he added. "I am the first one to say we should go racing in Bahrain, and I am happy to be back as soon as everything is safe and the timing is good.

"These are my only considerations. There's a lot of media pressure, and you can also see on the internet and the forums there is a very strong reaction."

So will March next year be too soon?

"I don't know to be honest. I am not a magician," he continued. "It is up to the political situation in Bahrain to become clear."

Red Bull boss Christian Horner meanwhile concurs that events of the last week haven't exactly been a high point for F1.

"It's unfortunate the issues that are currently going on there. Nobody foresaw the problems that have happened, but sometimes these things do happen," Horner chipped-in.