Sebastian Vettel has conceded it was his fault he failed to win the F1 2011 Canadian Grand Prix.

Vettel ran at the head of the pack pretty much throughout, despite multiple safety car periods, but near the end he came under pressure from a hard-charging Jenson Button and on the final lap a rare error cost him what would have been his sixth victory of the season.

In the end he finished second, but given he still extended his lead in the battle for the drivers' championship, it wasn't exactly a disastrous result for the defending world champion.

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"Of course I'm disappointed. I think it was a very difficult race from start to finish and we led every single lap, apart from the last one, or part of the last one," lamented the Red Bull Racing man.

"I think I was probably too conservative when I was in the lead after the last safety car; I didn't open the gap enough and was trying to hold the gap to the cars behind. Then I saw Jenson coming through, I was pushing and thought it would be enough to the end, but obviously it wasn't, as I made a mistake.

"It's down to me, I locked up the rear a little bit and what you have to do then is open up the car and go a bit straighter, there's only one line and I ended up in the wet, so it was quite easy for him to pass.

"But, surely I think it was a good day today, it's easy to make mistakes and there were a lot of cars not finishing, so it's good to get the points.

"That said, at the moment - when you have it in your hands and you give it away - then it's not the sweetest feeling. But, I think all in all, it was a good race for us today," he concluded.