FIA race director Charlie Whiting has admitted that the use of two DRS zones needs further work after a less than successful showing in Canada.

While the initial DRS zone provided overtaking opportunities on the run to the final chicane, questions were asked about the second zone that followed the chicane - with people arguing that it gave an extra advantage to people who had made a pass on the run to the corner as they were able to then use the second zone to pull away.

Speaking to the press in Valencia ahead of the European Grand Prix, Whiting admitted that the governing body had used the Montreal race as something of an experiment and that the issue of drivers using the second zone when they had already made a pass was something that was being looked at.

"I don't think it worked in Canada," he said. "We weren't really expecting it to. It was more an experiment, as the second section was too short. One of the things that has emerged from it is that, if a driver passes in the first sector he's then able to use the wing again in the second. We were aware of this, of course, but we've had a chat with the drivers about this and the general feeling is that we shouldn't allow the driver to use it for a second time if he has passed in the first sector.

"It isn't a trivial matter to get that to happen automatically, so we're still discussing it. We are going to try to use two sectors more but I think we do need to address this point."

One way to solve the problem faced in Montreal would be to have two separate detection and activation points, although Whiting admitted that would cause new problems.

"If we had two detection points we would need two notification points and two activation points," he said. "It doubles the chance of something going wrong, and we have had a few problems because it all relies on loops and beacons beside the track. That's the only thing I'm a little wary of.

"[The idea of] having two zones emerged in discussions after Australia, where the first straight wasn't quite long enough. Obviously in Canada the first activation zone was sufficient and the second one was really a bit of a bonus. I don't think it worked out as intended. I think it could work here [in Valencia] because we have two decent-sized zones.

"But yes, in answer to the question, we could do it with two of each but it doubles the amount of work and it double the chance of something going wrong."