Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery says he is hoping to close the loophole that saw two drivers elect to save tyres in the final stage of qualifying for the European Grand Prix.

Nick Heidfeld and Adrian Sutil both elected to save tyres rather than set a time in the final stage of qualifying and will line up ninth and tenth on the grid as a result.

It follows Michael Schumacher failing to set a time in Q3 in Monaco, which gave him a free choice on tyres for the start of the race - with regulations stating that drivers must start the race on the tyres they set their qualifying time on.

Even those drivers who did set a time in Q3 in Valencia elected to only go for one timed run - with the exception of Mark Webber - as most drivers pitted rather than completing a second flying lap.

It meant something of an anti-climax to the end of qualifying and Hembery said it was a situation Pirelli was keen to avoid.

"We want to get rid of that scenario," he was quoted by former ITV commentator James Allen on his website jamesallenonf1.com. "And it is more for the fans because otherwise we will see people not bothering in qualifying and that is a waste of time.

"I've made a suggestion to put to the Sporting Working Group to say that actually in those circumstances, you should be made to use your Q2 tyres in that situation, so there is no advantage from not setting a time.

"If you have problems and don't go out and qualify, you will still start on a set of tyres that have done an out-lap, set a time and an in-lap, so they will be in the same condition as everyone else. That is the fairest sporting way, so hopefully they will adopt that."


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