Fernando Alonso has admitted that he isn't sure when Ferrari will win again, despite the team continuing to make forward progress in the European Grand Prix.

Alonso was able to split Red Bull pair Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber during the Valencia race to secure his third podium finish of the season - leaving him fifth in the championship standings.

However, the double champion already finds himself 99 points behind Vettel going into the British Grand Prix and while he is hopeful of more progress from the team, Alonso admitted that Silverstone isn't a circuit that will play to Ferrari's strengths.

"It is a key time in the season," he said. "We are moving forward, as could be seen in the last three races, but now we must also confirm the progress seen at Monaco, Montreal and Valencia on a track with completely different characteristics, which is definitely more suited to our main rivals. At Silverstone, you need a lot of aerodynamic downforce and this is area where we are lagging behind.

"We will have some new parts, but there's a step from that to saying we will have made up the difference...Maybe! We must be realistic and accept that it's not possible that in less than two months - the time past since the Barcelona race - we have closed the gap that was seen at the Catalunya circuit. It wasn't a whole lap, because that was down to the way the race panned out, but it was definitely bigger than what we have seen in the last three races.

"We must continue to work on improving the car and then I am sure the win will come. When? I don't have a crystal ball to be able to give a definite answer."

Alonso's chances of a strong result at Silverstone won't have been helped by Pirelli's confirmation that it will use the hard compound tyre for the British race, with Ferrari having struggled with the harder compound rubber so far this season.

"At the British Grand Prix, we will be running the soft and the hard, the same choice that featured in the early stages of the championship," he said. "Okay, for us that means one more challenge, namely being able to make all types of tyre work as well as possible.

"Anyway, the tyre choice is the same for everyone and there's no point discussing if the pair of compounds chosen is more suited to one team or another. It's up to the teams to adjust the cars to get the best out of the tyres both in terms of performance and life."


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