Fernando Alonso says he is hopeful that a series of updates planned by Ferrari this weekend at Silverstone will allow the team to continue the progress made in recent events.

After a difficult start to the season, Alonso has taken two second place finishes in the last three races although he was forced to retire from the Canadian Grand Prix after clashing with McLaren's Jenson Button.

Having been able to split the Red Bull's during the most recent race in Valencia, Alonso heads to Silverstone in confident mood and the Spaniard said he was interested to see how Ferrari would perform on a circuit that is less well suited to the 150? Italia.

"The last three races were very important for all of and we had never been as competitive as that this season," he said. "Even if maybe the track characteristics could have given us a hand, it was important to be fighting for the podium places and even for the win, because it means we can tackle the coming races in good spirits.

"At Silverstone, we will find out where we are in terms of being competitive even at tracks which, on paper at least, do not suit us. I am keen to see how things will work out, especially as we will also have some more updates on the 150? Italia which should give us a little bit more."

Pirelli will take its hard compound tyre to Silverstone for this weekend's race, with the tyre having been one on which Ferrari struggled earlier in the season.

However, Alonso said it was down to the team to deal with the tyres chosen for the race weekend and added that he had little doubt that the switch to Pirelli rubber had had a positive effect on the racing.

"I think the fans have appreciated the show they have seen so far: you really need to wait until the closing stages of the race to see if the situation might change around," he said. "There is no doubt that Formula 1 has become more interesting and it means that what Pirelli was asked to deliver in terms of tyre specification to create a better show has been achieved. The tyres work well and there are no problems with them. It is the same for everyone: we know that some compounds are better suited than others to our car, but it's down to us to make them work as well as possible, working on set-up and aerodynamics."