Mark Webber has questioned the timing of a decision to ban off-throttle blown diffusers in F1.

The FIA elected to ban the devices from this weekend's British Grand Prix at Silverstone having earlier deferred a ban that was due to come into play in Spain, with the governing body having decided that the part is illegal.

Webber's Red Bull team is one that is expected to be hit hard by the ruling and while he didn't make comment on the impact the change would have on the defending champions, Webber admitted he was bemused by the timing of the decision.

"Those who follow F1 closely will know there is a bit of a reset this weekend with the introduction of a ban on key technology all teams have been using - off-throttle blown diffusers, which is where teams blow exhaust gases over the rear of the car, even when the driver is not pressing the accelerator," he told the BBC. "The technology improves downforce and stability in corners.
It will be interesting to see if this has any impact on the pecking order but I have to say the timing of this rule change is bizarre to say the least.

"From the outside, the fans will not notice any difference, although the cars could sound quite different when braking and entering for the corners.

"This is where the drivers will feel a change in the cockpit as the car might not feel as stable and we might need to make some small corrections for this. It could also reduce rear downforce a significant amount as well as affecting tyre wear."


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