Mark Webber has said the only reason relations with his Red Bull Racing team-mate Sebastian Vettel are better this year are because he has been unable to take the fight to the reigning world champion.

Webber and Vettel had a number of well publicised ding-dongs last season and at times the mood was frosty to say the least. However with Vettel in dominant form thus far in 2011, Webber has been left to play second fiddle and while he is joint second in the drivers' championship, he is 77 points adrift of the German - the equivalent of more than three race victories.

"Because I'm not beating Seb [that is why relations are good]," Webber told Reuters ahead of this Sunday's F1 2011 British Grand Prix. "The harmony is perfect when the results are like this.

"I hope we can get both [though] - me winning again and still have good harmony.

"He's had a great run, but we've got a lot of races to go and a lot of good opportunities. Look what's gone before in his past, a lot of good points for him - and also not too bad for me either.

"I've also got a lot of points [on the board already]. I'd love to start winning and I'm not the only guy who wants to start winning some races this year."

Webber meanwhile has said again that he is confident he will remain with Red Bull next season, despite rather wild speculation Lewis Hamilton might switch from McLaren.

"I have a very good understanding of what's going on so I'm pretty relaxed," explained the Aussie.

"The papers will be wrapping fish and chips tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a new story again and that's how it is in F1.

"I am very relaxed. Same as I was this time last year when I didn't have a contract for next year."