Lewis Hamilton should think no further than continuing his F1 career with McLaren instead of eyeing a rumoured switch to Red Bull - that is the view of none other than the Briton's father, and former manager, Anthony.

The Hamiltons went their separate ways at the start of the 2010 season, with the 26-year old driver since signing with pop impresario Simon Fuller's XIX concern, but his form has been erratic, and the 2011 McLaren no match for Red Bull's RB7, prompting speculation that he may look to usurp Mark Webber in the Milton Keynes team's line-up.

RBR team boss Christian Horner has dismissed that suggestion, despite Hamilton having paid him an impromptu visit after qualifying in Canada, and Hamilton Sr also believes that his son should forget about deserting the team that brought him up the motorsport ladder, from karting to F1.

"My advice right now is for Lewis to stay at McLaren," he told BBC Radio on Sunday morning, "Don't forget, when Lewis was twelve years of age, we were scratching around, wondering where the next pound was going to come from for getting him to the next level of karting. Then Ron Dennis picked up the 'phone and said he would like to help us out. He was like the man from [UK lottery organiser] Camelot, telling us that, if all went well, he would put him in the car - and he did exactly that."

Hamilton Sr, who now looks after the interests of Force India rookie Paul di Resta, insists that 'if it ain't broke...' should be the mantra for his son when it comes to looking to the future.

"My view is that you see it through right to the very end unless you really come to the end of the relationship, and that is nowhere near the end for Lewis," he noted, "He's in love with them, they're in love with him, [even if] they're going through a little bit of turmoil as you do in any relationship. But I believe it is going to be a happy marriage if he stays.

"I'm a great believer that, if you want to be the best, then you have to work within the team. It's like a family, isn't it? It's not a case of 'well, I don't like this family today because my dad's drunk and my mother takes drugs, so I'll move to the other family where everybody is happy'. What you have to do is work with everybody, to bring them all on, to be one family and to be winners. Right now, at McLaren, something is missing, and they'll find it."