While admitting it was never going to be perfect, Daniel Ricciardo has said he was 'quite pleased' with how he performed in the F1 2011 British Grand Prix and he has now set his sights on 'moving forward' at the Nurburgring in two weeks time.

The Australian, who was making his debut at the pinnacle of the sport at Silverstone, eventually brought his car home in 19th - three laps down - and the last of the classified runners.

However given he had so little experience at the wheel of the Hispania F111, it was by no means a bad performance, although he did admit that he now wants to try and get closer to his team-mate, the vastly more experienced Vitantonio Liuzzi.

"I feel quite good to finish and see the chequered flag. It was nice to get the laps, which I think was the most important thing for me today for experience," said the 22-year-old.

"Understanding the tyres, the pit stops and the strategy, it's really very complex and something I've never really done before, so in this respect I think it was a step forward.

"I was quite a bit off the other competitors but I think that, as I learn, I will get a bit closer. I also need to try and manage the blue flags a bit better, it's not easy. At the end, looking at it now, I'm quite pleased with the result.

"Wednesday was a big introduction to F1, meeting the team and making the seat, it was never going to be easy or perfect but to finish the race is a good result for us.

"My expectations for the next race are to learn and move forward, to be a bit closer to Tonio in qualifying and to try and close the gap in the race, I think that is a good target for now."

Hispania Racing team principal Colin Kolles meanwhile described Ricciardo's run as 'quite positive'.

"Daniel was struggling a little bit with the rear tyres towards the end and therefore lost a little bit of ground on Tonio and the others. But, all in all, it was quite positive with no major dramas," Kolles confirmed.

"Daniel did his laps and finished the race, his quickest lap time was quite a good one and the problem was that he was struggling with the tyres.

"He has to get used to the tyres obviously, this isn't too easy when you've started just one race with new tyres and the others have already thousands of kilometres under their belts," he added.