Lotus Renault GP team principal Eric Boullier says the team is keen to extend its engine deal with Renault Sport when its current contract comes to an end, having played down talk that the team could be looking at other options.

Renault Sport - no longer involved in the ownership of the team - added Williams to its list of teams for 2012, meaning it will supply engines to Renault, Red Bull, Williams and Lotus for the new season.

That move to supply another team has led to concern within the Renault F1 team over the efficiency of Renault Sport providing engines for an extra team, but Boullier said he wasn't considering other options when the Lotus Renault GP deal comes to an end in 2013.

"We knew about it, the only thing is that obviously you may have a concern when they are getting bigger and supplying another team because the energy can get diluted and the efficiency diluted," he was quoted by ESPNF1. "So this is one concern we can have and one that we have raised and we will be raising. This is normal.

"Our contract is lasting another couple of years until 2013 so we are discussing very seriously now about extending the contract and actually doing even more. We have a historical connection with Viry and Viry will need to have some chassis support to build up the architecture of the new engine and I am working on this agreement with them.

"I'm not evaluating any other options because we have this historical link so I would like to carry on long-term with them."

Rumours had suggested Lotus Renault GP was considering Cosworth power as one option if it were to end its Renault Sport deal.