Bernie Ecclestone has hinted that the Spanish Grand Prix could alternate between Catalunya and the Valencia street circuit in the coming years.

Rumours have suggested that the Catalunya race could be at risk with reports that Valencia was prepared to take its place as the home of the Spanish Grand Prix - as opposed to being host of the European Grand Prix as has been the case since it joined the F1 calendar.

Ecclestone has now however suggested that the two circuits could share the Spanish race in much the same was as Hockenheim and the Nurburgring share the German Grand Prix.

Valencia sports minister Dolores Johnson was quoted by EFE as saying that the venue would support 'any possibility to make the grand prix stronger' while also insisting that there was no further news to announce.

"As far as the European Grand Prix (at Valencia) is concerned, the contract that we have remains in force," she said, "and as soon as there is anything else we will let you know."