Below are some of the Twitter reactions from F1 personalities and insiders to today's BBC/Sky Sports announcement [see separate story - click here]. If you spot any more, post them in the comments section by clicking on the link at the bottom of the story, and we'll try to add them in - the more, the merrier!

Martin Brundle (MBrundleF1):

BBC/Sky/F1 2012+. Found out last night, no idea how it will work yet I'm out of contract, will calmly work through options Not impressed

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Jake Humphrey (jakehumphreyf1):

Feels like the right time to say how proud I am of the whole BBC F1 production team & the programmes we've produced for you guys since '09.

The important thing is - BBC are still transmitting F1, every race will be accessible in the UK...AND WE'RE LIVE TOMORROW! #bbcf1

Touching messages of support on Twitter. Keeping some perspective tho, F1 remains on the BBC, and after news of 1 week ago, it's only sport.

Sir Stirling Moss (StirlingMossCom):

in the current economic climate even the most ardent fan would think twice because of the cost implications

#F1 has won many new fans because of the #BBCF1 coverage the last few years, the new deal will loose those not prepared to pay

The coverage will be like going into a restuarant having the starter & then being told you can only have half your main and no desert

As for Sky I would also question the long term effect of the judical enquiry, I would not want to pay Sky to see the rest of the season

For #F1 & more importantly the UK fans I can NOT see this being good over the long term, the casual TV viewing wil drop off significantly

TV viewing figures will fall away and I would question whether sponsors will achieve real value for the UK market

first reaction is that its not a surprise, the BBC in the current climate would be hard pressed to justify the cost being asked

Mark Blundell (markblundellF1):

I understand anger at cost I really do, and in a way same as footy fans having to pay for premier league matches on sky an ESPN a while back

it's de ja vu in a way as I and others lost jobs in channel prev to BBC with F1 but at least half races still live on BBC better than none:)

Tony Fernandes (tonyfernandes):

Martin Whitmarsh has said it may breach the Concorde agreement...

I'm as confused as all on sky deal. Just saw on my twitter the unhappiness.

Oliver Jarvis (ollyjarvis):

Dissapointed with the Sky F1 news! Although I think Sky will do a great job F1 should be available to all!