Jenson Button has confessed that Sunday's Hungarian Grand Prix was one of the harder-fought victories of his F1 career - but he concedes that over the sport's four-week summer break, 'we are going to be thinking about Spa already and excited about coming back and hopefully doing the same again'...albeit preferably in the dry next time.

The Hungarian Grand Prix may traditionally be one of the drier and hotter races on the annual F1 calendar, but just as in 2006 - when Button brilliantly claimed his maiden top flight triumph around the Hungaroring - the 2011 edition transpired to be rather a mixed affair climatically, and it was a challenge that the McLaren-Mercedes star handled impressively in his stride, keeping his head whilst the vast majority around him were busy spinning off into the scenery.

In his 200th grand prix, Button immediately signalled his intentions by going side-by-side with team-mate Lewis Hamilton on the run down to Turn Two for the first time before deeming discretion to be the better part of valour, and he then became the first of the leading trio to pit to change over from intermediate rubber to slicks at the end of lap eleven as the track began drying out.

Shortly afterwards, he pulled off a superbly aggressive move to scythe his way past runaway F1 2011 World Championship leader Sebastian Vettel into Turn Two and proceeded to home in on Hamilton at the head of the field before seizing the advantage for himself when his countryman spun on the exit of the chicane at Turns Six and Seven with a third of the grand prix to go, as he put the power down on a track that was becoming increasingly slippery once again as the heavens re-opened.

The pair would swap positions twice more when Button subsequently ran wide, but a decision to remain out on slick tyres at his final pit-stop whilst Hamilton plumped for inters sealed the deal. In his milestone race, it was as fine a performance as the 31-year-old has ever produced - and he is confident he could have done precisely the same in the dry.

"This is the first place where I won a grand prix, back in 2006 in these sorts of conditions, and it was my 200th race and here we are again for my eleventh win, so a great moment," he reflected. "[It was] a wonderful race, just perfect for my 200th grand prix. For some reason, I like these conditions; don't ask me why, but it worked out again - [I'm] always lucky in these conditions.

"You're not always going to make the right call, and I haven't always made the right call in these conditions - but I feel that I'm pretty good at making the right call when it comes to tyre changes. We had very good pace and on the 'Option' tyre, I was able to make the tyre last for a long time. I was really looking after them. Towards the end of each stint, the pace was very good. The reason we won was because we were quick; if it didn't rain, it wouldn't have made any difference at all.

"It ended in the right way, I think, but it was a very tough race. [During] the first stint on inters in the wet, it felt like there was no grip at all; it felt like we were on the dries. Then we put the dry tyres on, which was definitely the right call, but in some places it was very, very slippery. Then with the rain towards the end, you just couldn't find any grip out there. We were skating around and it was hard enough keeping the thing on the round, let alone trying to overtake and fight your team-mate!"

Indeed, that internecine duel with Hamilton was one of the undoubted talking-points of the grand prix afterwards, and Button acknowledged that 'it is always fun racing with Lewis' - Montreal aside, perhaps - adding in the wake of the recent Red Bull Racing team orders furore that he 'didn't hear anything on the radio'...

"I think I was about three seconds behind Lewis when he pitted for the first stop," he recollected. "I had pulled in about a second-a-lap up to that point, if not more, and I was able to look after the tyres, so I knew I was in good shape. It is very easy to say now but, personally, I felt [I could win] at the end of the first stint. I think about halfway through people started struggling, and I was able to push on so it was looking good for the end of the race.

"I thought it was a matter of time in the dry conditions for us to get the jump on Lewis, because at the end of the stints he was struggling. We put the 'Prime' tyre on at the second stop which was definitely the right call. We could have run to the end of the race on that, whereas Lewis was on the 'Option' tyre. I don't know if he would have made it to the end, or [if] he would have had to stop but for me the car was working really, really well.

"Obviously, it turned out a little bit different with the rain coming down. It was pretty difficult on the 'Prime' tyre. Those aren't the conditions for that tyre, but a lot of fun all the same [and] it is always fun racing with Lewis. I think we are pretty fair. I don't think we touched this time...

"I came round the corner and saw Lewis facing the other way. I went to the inside and I was just about to overtake Adrian Sutil and had to hammer the brakes on, as it was a yellow flag. He had backed off to let me by so I almost stopped the car, he almost stopped the car and Lewis was able to turn the car around and he was on my bumper before the next corner, so it made it very tricky.

"I was really struggling, as I was on the harder of the two tyres and to try and keep heat in the tyre was really difficult in the second corner of the lap as it was so, so wet there. Everywhere else, it wasn't too bad. I think I kept them in pretty good nick, but I lost the lead twice because I made a mistake; I went straight on at Turn Two twice and Lewis got past me. [The team] didn't say anything; I think they thought we had to concentrate on what we were doing at that moment in time. No, I didn't hear anything on the radio, which is nice.

"I passed him again and then he passed me again, and that was when Lewis came in and put inters on. The team said, 'in this lap for inters' - to me, that was a big surprise - then round the second-to-last corner they said, 'Lewis is coming in, stay out, stay out'. He came in and I stayed out.

"Personally, I was never going to come in anyway as it was nowhere near inter conditions. We weren't going slowly enough, to start with. We were struggling on the tyres, it was difficult keeping the car on the circuit but we weren't that slow, it wasn't inters pace really - and when you put the inters on, you've got to put the dries back on as well, so you've got to stop twice. For me, it wasn't the right decision. I braved it on the slicks, and it was definitely the right call.

"[It was] a great call by the team to put me on the 'Prime' tyre when they did [earlier in the race], and a great call by all of us when we decided not to go to the inters. All-round, an amazing weekend, and I want to say a big 'thank you' to the whole team, the mechanics, the engineers, everyone within the team that has worked so hard to produce the car that we have now.

"I came out on top [and it was] one of my most enjoyable races I would say, but I would like to win one in the dry, please! We are going into the break on a nice high, but I think every day we are on holiday we are going to be thinking about Spa already - and excited about coming back and hopefully doing the same again."


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