Fernando Alonso has quipped that following an uncharacteristically damp and chilly month of July in the world of F1, he would appreciate things hotting up a notch or two once the season resumes from its August break - although the cold front did not prevent the Ferrari star from outscoring all of his rivals over the past three races.

The Scuderia's F150? Italia has rarely been at its most comfortable in cooler, damper conditions, but what is undeniable is that Ferrari has succeeded in extracting a good deal more of the full potential out of its 2011 baby of late, and in just such conditions at Silverstone and the N?rburgring, Alonso triumphed and finished second.

Add to that third place in last weekend's Hungarian Grand Prix at the Hungaroring - as, like race-winner Jenson Button, he braved it by staying out on slick tyres when the rain returned in the closing stages of the race rather than switching to intermediates, a tactic that scuppered Lewis Hamilton's podium bid - and it has been a good month for the Spaniard indeed.

"I'm happy with third having started fifth," he reflected, having endured a brace of 'offs' in Budapest in the tricky conditions. "Again, we recovered two positions in the race and we were able to jump on the podium for the fourth consecutive race. This is good for us.

"The weekend was maybe not as expected; we expected hotter temperatures and more problems with degradation for our main competitors, but in the end it didn't go like that. For the third consecutive time, [it was] difficult conditions for us, cold conditions and we reached another podium, which is a target for us every weekend.

"In this type of conditions the race is very, very long. You need to be always focussed, as with so many pit-stops and so many weather conditions, anything can happen. Unfortunately, the start didn't go as we predicted and both Mercedes' overtook us, so I had to overtake Michael [Schumacher] and then [Nico] Rosberg two times.

"Then, with the pit-stops we found ourselves behind [Mark] Webber for half of the race. After that, we were able to push in some free air and we were quite quick, but the first 30 laps we were behind the Mercedes' and behind Mark so it was a little bit too much, the price.

"[Later on] I touched the white lines in the damp conditions on dry tyres and I spun, but luckily, I could engage first gear and continue. There, I lost maybe four seconds, [but] I think I lost half-a-minute behind Webber at the beginning of the race. That was probably when the little chances we had for victory disappeared.

"Different teams chose different strategies, but we tried to do our race, always trying to avoid the traffic. Looking now, after the race, maybe the soft tyre was better than the super-soft, especially for the second or third stint, looking at the very high degradation, but we found ourselves behind Mark for two stints and we had to anticipate the stops a lot to overtake him and coming in that early, it was impossible to go to the end of the race.

"[Towards the end] it started raining and we were like eight or nine seconds slower than the normal lap, but you never know if that rain continues. You stop, you put on intermediates and you are much quicker, [but] if that rain stops, it's better to keep on the dry tyres, so you have to toss the coin in the air and gamble - whether to choose dry tyres or inters.

"It depends only if the next cloud brings some more rain or if it stops, so it's completely unpredictable and completely out of teams' and drivers' control. There is a luck factor that sometimes goes your way and sometimes doesn't. I think that's what happened to Lewis. He was leading the race, maybe heading for victory and if the next cloud had more rain, maybe he would have won because he was the only one on intermediates."

Lady Luck has certainly been smiling upon Alonso with his recent run of results, but the double F1 World Champion reckons that so great has been the F150? Italia's progress, he could just be in a position to make all of his own luck over the remainder of the campaign following the August break - providing the weather takes a turn for the better...

"We are confident that we can have a good second part of the championship," the 30-year-old asserted. "The car has improved a lot and we are fighting for podiums, for pole positions in the last few races. For us, I think it was a fantastic July because we scored [the most] points in these three races, with three different conditions, three different tracks.

"We are happy, and I think the team has made a step forward. I think McLaren has also made a step forward, so the competition is quite fun for you to watch with three teams able to win races. Unfortunately, it was not very hot in July. We love high temperatures for whatever reason in our car, so hopefully August and September will be better for us..."