F1 commercial rights holder Bernie Ecclestone has called on the FIA to can plans to make cars run on electricity in the put lane from the 2014 season.

New regulations for 2014 will see the sport switch to more environmentally-friendly engines with the rules also stating that cars should run on electric power only when running in the pits.

However, Ecclestone insists that a move to electric power wouldn't be possible for safety reasons, with the possibility that people wouldn't be aware of machines moving around them

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"Formula One is absolutely not the right place to have electric engines," he told The Express. "It's like having ballet dancers with sneakers. More comfortable, but it doesn't work.

"There's no way that it will be electric in the pit lane. People could be killed because they won't hear the cars coming."

Ecclestone added that he didn't blame Jean Todt, the president of the FIA, for the changes being made and instead said it was down to Max Mosley - the man Todt replaced in the role.

"We can't blame Jean Todt because this was started by Max," he said. "It was Max's original idea. His idea is what is being promoted now."