His Mercedes Grand Prix team-mate Michael Schumacher might by his own frank admission have little appreciation for or knowledge of F1 history, but Nico Rosberg was palpably struck by the nostalgia of the sport when he paid a visit to the 2011 Goodwood Festival of Speed last month.

Rosberg, of course, is already a distinguished part of F1 history himself, being one of the very few sons of a former world champion to have carved out a grand prix career in his own right - and a very successful one at that, with five podium finishes and two fastest laps since making his debut with Williams back in 2006, despite rarely being in machinery capable of such feats.

What's more, the 26-year-old now has a reputation for consistently getting the better of the most successful driver ever to grace the field - but whilst he clambered into the cockpit of a Mercedes GP-liveried, 2009-spec Brawn BGP 001 to climb the legendary Goodwood hill, Rosberg confessed that he would have loved to have taken to the wheel of some of the other beautiful old cars to feature at motor racing's greatest summer garden party.

"It's a very special event, very unique," he told Crash.net. "To have so many spectators coming and such a wide variety of road cars, racing cars, sportscars and motorbikes and everything is just incredible. It's great.

"I had a look at John Watson's McLaren, because that was actually the car I think that my dad was competing against for the world championship in '82, and I sat in a 1955 or 1956 Mercedes, and it was just incredible, really crazy. I would actually have preferred to drive the older cars at Goodwood. It would just have made it an even better experience."


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