Pirelli boss Paul Hembery has admitted the rules may need to change next season to stop drivers' from restricting their runs in qualifying in order to preserve fresh tyres for the race.

"It true we need to stop that little trick," Hembery confirmed in an interview with Spanish sports newspaper, AS, this week.

F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone added that while Pirelli has done an 'incredible job' this year, what happens in qualifying is now a concern.

"The solution for that is very simple [though]. We need to provide more sets of tyres to the drivers," Ecclestone added in a separate report in Italy 'paper Gazzetta dello Sport.

Meanwhile Hembery has confirmed on Twitter that qualifying tyres could be one way to get around the issue, noting that quali tyres could be worth up to 2 seconds a lap compared to the current super softs.

"[We are having] many discussions [including a qualifying tyre and increasing the number of tyres available from 11 to 13]. [But in the end] teams decide, not us," Hembery stated when asked about the issue.

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