A few week back, Crash.net asked you to vote on how you feel following the shock announcement the BBC will only show half of the races live from next season.

Under the new TV deal, which runs from 2012-2018, only Sky Sports will screen every race in the UK live [for more details, see separate story - click here] and unsurprisingly, as seen in our Comments section and on numerous forums elsewhere, the news has not gone down well.

Indeed as of 12pm UK time today [Friday, August 12], 96.24 percent have reacted negatively, with almost 52 percent saying they will not pay to watch F1 on Sky, which will no doubt raise alarm bells for the teams - although whether that will turn out to be the case come 2012 remains to be seen.

The full results are as follows...

Poll results: How do you feel about BBC/Sky Sports deal?*

I will not watch F1 on Sky: 51.84 percent
F1 will lose fans in the UK because of this: 44.40 percent

Sky might help to take coverage to a new level: 2.31 percent
It's a good compromise: 1.44 percent

* denotes results correct as of 12pm UK time, August 12

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