Vitantonio Liuzzi has said he has been pleased with the progress made by HRT during F1 2011 and he is confident the Spanish team can achieve 'good things' in the future.

Liuzzi's efforts may have gone largely unnoticed as he battles it out at the back of the field with the Virgins and Team Lotus cars, but he has had some successes, most noticeably his 13th place at the Canadian Grand Prix back in June, where he gave the relative newcomers their best result to date.

"It has been a positive season so far. It has been challenging but we have made good progress since Australia," said the Italian during the summer hiatus. "The steps taken and reliability have been good and we managed to overtake Virgin in the Championship.

"The development slowed down a little with the changes in ownership but now we are a consistent structure and we are looking strong for the future.

"A lot of people didn't believe we would come through at the beginning of the year but I have always been really positive. As I have said on many occasions, there are good people involved in this project and the potential is there. If we work in the right direction, I'm sure we can achieve good things.

"I never doubted that there was potential for improvement, obviously we are not expecting to win races but to be where we are already is proof of the strength of the project. If you believe in yourself and in the project then you can achieve anything.

"Overall I would say that we have done well. I have had a few unfortunate DNF's but the speed is better, we are more competitive and we are racing with other teams, which is the most important thing."

Asked about the target for the remainder of the year, Liuzzi added that while beating Team Lotus remains the goal, the main thing is to keep on 'growing'.

"I already consider it a successful season but if we could achieve our biggest target of finishing 10th in the Constructors Championship, then that would be perfect," he continued. "But we have to be realistic and continue pushing to show that we are competitive.

"The main focus is to keep on growing and try and consolidate a solid structure. We must focus on the 2012 season but without leaving 2011 aside.

"We still have quite a few races ahead in which to try and beat our direct rivals. It is not an easy target but we are fighters and we will definitely keep on pushing," he summed-up.


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