Heikki Kovalainen says Team Lotus need to make sure it pushes hard this weekend at Spa to make sure it can take advantage of any opportunities that fall its way.

The Belgian Grand Prix is one that has been known to suffer from mixed weather conditions, with the possibility that one part of the circuit could be wet while another could be dry.

With the possibility that rain could play a part in proceedings this weekend, Kovalainen said the team needed to be ready to grab any unexpected opportunities that present themselves as Lotus aims to score for the first time.

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"After a really good break in Finland it'll be good to get back to work," he said. "I'm feeling better than ever and it's always exciting heading to Spa. Eau Rouge is, of course, the corner everyone talks about and while it is still flat-out it's actually not that hard for us now, but it's still a big thrill. Any corner you take at 300km is pretty quick so you hang on the wheel pretty hard so that you don't get any snap out of the corner, build up a good speed down then you feel all that compression as the car bottoms out through the corner and then you're up the hill. It's still very exciting!

"It's been said so many times before but Spa is what a racetrack should be - hardcore corners, massive speed, overtaking opportunities and passionate fans, and, being Spa, anything can happen with the weather. Actually, it's not just Spa this year - we've had rain following us all season so in Spa maybe we'll have a hot and sunny weekend for once! I doubt it... it's almost certain it will rain somewhere on the circuit at some point over the weekend and that could well be an opportunity for our team.

"We just have to keep pushing and make sure we're in the hunt if there's an opportunity to be grabbed, work hard all weekend and keep taking little steps forward."