Charlie Whiting has revealed that the FIA's decision to ban DRS through the Eau Rouge section of the Spa circuit this weekend was taken solely for safety reasons in case drivers went into the corner unaware that their rear wing was open.

The Drag Reduction System utilises a flap on the rear wing which can be opened by a driver to reduce downforce and increase speed.

Although restricted to one zone on race day, drivers have free use of the system in both practice and qualifying, with concerns having been raised about the possibility of an accident in drivers went into the high-speed up-hill corner with the rear wing open.

With instances in the past where drivers have thought the wing is closed when it is actually open, Whiting said the FIA took the decision to ban its usage through Eau Rouge this weekend to avoid a repeat.

"We're not going to allow DRS to be used through Eau Rouge during practice," Whiting told SPEED TV. "We want to avoid drivers going through thinking that their wing is in the right position, when it might not be. We think this is the correct safety measure to have taken at such a fast, demanding corner."

This weekend is only the second occasion where the FIA has banned the usage of DRS having taken a similar decision regarding the tunnel in Monaco.