Lewis Hamilton has said he will be looking to drive the 'best he has ever driven' this weekend in Belgium.

Hamilton is currently third in the drivers' standings with 146 points on the board, 88 behind runaway championship leader, Sebastian Vettel and he knows nothing less than a win will do this Sunday at Spa-Francorchamps, if he is to keep his slim title hopes intact.

"What's important is that I drive the best I have ever driven," he told British newspaper the Daily Mail following Friday practice for the twelfth round in the F1 2011 World Championship.

"I think at the last race I wasn't at the top of my game, so I want to make sure I am at my best, and that's what I'm working towards.

"The team are also working towards being at their best so together we can destroy the field.

"I had the realisation a long, long time ago I could not afford to make any more errors, but we've still had them. That's why I'm kind of relaxed. What will be, will be."

Meanwhile Hamilton added that McLaren will probably opt to evolve its car for next year, rather than start with a clean sheet of paper.

"I think every team probably thinks 'Damn, we need to be doing better' and so they are all working on next year's car now in the hope that next year's car will be better than the Red Bull," Hamilton told Reuters in a separate interview.

"But we are kind of taking a half and half view. They [Red Bull] have had almost the same car from 2009 - that same design has just evolved and got better and better.

"We had a terrible car in 2009 and we scrapped that car and built a new car in 2010. We scrapped that and got a new car in 2011. We're probably going to have the same car as this year for next year so we should be closer.

"I may be wrong but I have no doubts that they [Red Bull] will be very, very strong at the beginning of next season.

"But we've shown that we are competitive [this year]. We've got the strength to power through and beat them..."