Tyre supplier Pirelli has welcomed plans to introduce a mid-season test into the 2012 F1 schedule.

Teams have been keen to see a return of in-season testing from next season, with a ban currently in place to prevent teams carrying out anything more than straightline aero tests and promotional filming once the season gets underway.

However, Pirelli motorsport boss Paul Hembery has now revealed that plans have been agreed for a week of testing in May before the European leg of the 2012 campaign, which is set to play a vital role in the development of the tyres used in the sport.

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The test will run alongside Pirelli's existing development programme, although the company is set to carry out less private running, having previously used a 2009 Toyota to carry out work away from the public eye.

"We're moving more towards simulators and simulation data," Hembery told Reuters. "We have also the mid-season test, as the teams have now agreed to, which will help us a lot, being able to get on 2012 cars mid-season.

"That will be a huge advantage for us because we can start already showing them tyres for 2013."

The Reuters report suggests that the mid-season test could take place at Mugello.

Hembery was speaking ahead of the Italian Grand Prix this weekend at Monza, where Pirelli has lowered the recommended camber that teams should run after Red Bull suffered blistering issues at Spa having gone above the recommendations provided by the tyre supplier.