Ferrari team boss Stefano Domenicali has warned that it will be difficult for the team to repeat its victory of twelve months ago when F1 returns to Monza this weekend for the Italian Grand Prix.

In his first home race for the team in front of the tifosi, Fernando Alonso secured victory last season - starting a run of results that took him close to a third championship title.

However, while his Monza victory was one of five last season, Alonso returns to Monza this weekend with just win to his name in 2011 while team-mate Felipe Massa has yet to even make it onto the podium.

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With that in mind, Domenicali admitted it would be tough for Ferrari to win on home soil again this year although the team would continue working hard to try and win in front of the partisan Italian crowd.

"Last year was fantastic, but I don't think this year will be so easy, because there are more challengers who in qualifying have become more and more competitive," he told the Associated Press. "Over the last few races - Belgium aside - we have become competitive again, so the approach is try to give our all with the objective of winning, even though we know it's very, very difficult."

With the championship title all but out of reach, Ferrari has already turned much of its focus onto its 2012 car and Domenicali admitted that the team needed to produce more downforce with the new car that it has done with the current 150? Italia.

"We need to have a car with more downforce that can take advantage of the new tyres better," he said. "Our goal is to start off competitive right away. That was our biggest problem not just this year but also last year."