Debate has raged since last weekend's Italian Grand Prix at Monza about the fierce early duel between Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton, a scrap that had many F1 fans right on the edge of their seats - but did the Mercedes GP star overstep the mark when he edged his McLaren-Mercedes adversary onto the grass?

The topic was re-opened today by a confession from Derek Daly - one of the selected FIA driver stewards during the race - that he and his colleagues 'let Charlie [Whiting] down' by not penalising Schumacher for what some reckoned to be overly-aggressive driving in defence of his third position [see separate story - click here].

The moment at which Hamilton found himself forced to put two wheels onto the grass was, contended McLaren-Mercedes team principal Martin Whitmarsh, 'as scary as hell' - and even Schumacher's own team boss, Ross Brawn, needed to warn the German over the pit-to-car radio that his actions were right on-the-limit and occasionally straying beyond what was acceptable.

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Either way, no punishment was forthcoming - when, for what was arguably a lesser indiscretion against Ferrari's Fernando Alonso in Malaysia earlier this year, Hamilton had been handed down a retrospective drive-through penalty - and the 2008 F1 World Champion was unwilling to criticise once the chequered flag had fallen, perhaps mindful of his own litany of run-ins with both rivals and stewards over the course of the campaign to-date.

What do you think, though? Did 'Schumi' get away too lightly for risking an accident, or did he merely dish Hamilton out a taste of his own medicine..?

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