Eric Boullier has revealed that the Lotus Renault GP team is close to agreeing a new long-term engine deal with Renault, despite being approached by Cosworth as it seeks to replace Williams on its list of clients.

Renault announced over the weekend in Monza that it has agreed a new five-year engine deal with Red Bull Racing which will see the two sides strengthen their ties and effectively become the main Renault backed team - despite further supply deals with Williams, Lotus Renault and Team Lotus.

Speaking during the Italian race weekend, Boullier revealed that Lotus Renault GP - now owned solely by Genii Capital after Renault elected to focus on supplying engines - is now close to following Red Bull in signing a new deal, with a switch to Cosworth having been ruled out.

That means Cosworth looks set to only supply Team Lotus and HRT from 2012 onwards.

"Very close to doing the same," he was quoted by ITV-F1 on the topic of how close the team is to following Red Bull's lead. "We have a historical package. We still have some very close technical relationship and there is Total mixed in the middle of this as well, so there is some commercial reason why we should stick with Renault.

"You obviously always have to have a 'B' plan and a 'C' plan and, yes, we have been approached by Cosworth because they have lost customers and they are talking to everybody in the pit lane I guess, or nearly everybody.

"But there are no plans to switch."