Jenson Button has revealed that his second place finish in the Singapore Grand Prix came despite him being ill on the morning of the race.

Button extended his recent run of podium finishes to four as he chased Vettel home under the Singapore lights, with the McLaren driver now the only man who can mathematically prevent the German from securing the title for a second straight season.

However, Button has now revealed how he fell ill on the morning of the race and had been suffering from dehydration before the race - one of the toughest on the calendar.

"I was ill yesterday morning," he told the Press Association. "I don't know where it came from, but when you do have it you're massively dehydrated. I was a kilo and a half lighter than I normally am in the morning, and putting that weight back on was quite difficult.

"So I 'Immodiumed' up, ate a lot of pasta because carbohydrates help you soak up liquid and drank a lot of special drinks from Aki [Hintsa, McLaren team doctor], his salty water drinks.

"So I was good by the race, I managed to get my weight back up, and I got through it.

"I feel very proud I stopped Seb from winning the championship in Singapore, that he was unable to celebrate it here, so I'm very happy - but we all know it's going to happen at the next race."

Button's focus for the remainder of the season, with Vettel only needing a single point to be sure of the championship crown, is now on taking as many wins as possible before the season is out, with the Brit also keen to try and outscore the champion elect through the second half of the year.

"I had a goal, from Hungary onwards over the second part of the season, to beat Seb in the points," he said. "It's going to be tricky. I'm the second highest points scorer so far, and that has to be the aim for the season - to score more points than the others - and hopefully score more points than Seb in the second half.

"But the main aim is to win races. We tried it yesterday, it didn't quite work, but at least I was the closest driver to doing that."