Jenson Button has admitted that McLaren's approach of having two drivers with equal status has worked against the team in the race for the F1 drivers' title.

Button and fellow Briton Lewis Hamilton are given equal status by the McLaren team, which means the pair are free to compete on track.

Although that gives the team a strong chance of competing for the constructors' crown, it also leaves the two drivers to take points off each other in the race to be drivers' champion - with Button admitting that a team stands a better chance of taking the drivers' championship if it puts its support behind one of its two men behind the wheel.

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However, the 2009 title winner also insisted that the relationship between himself and Hamilton is such that, despite being rivals on track, the pair were pleased for each other when victories arrive.

"The best way for a team to win the World Championship would be probably be to have a number one driver and a number driver who is happy to be a two," he told Welt Online. "We do not have this at McLaren.

"If I cannot win then I am pleased if he wins. I'm like: 'Wow, unlike you he has really done a good job'. Conversely it will be exactly the same because we drive for the same team. A victory is always good for the mood at the team."