Felipe Massa has joined his Ferrari team in playing down comments made by his engineer Rob Smedley during the Singapore Grand Prix.

Smedley told Massa over the radio to 'destroy' Lewis Hamilton's race, with the revelation of the comment adding further fuel to the arguments both on and off track involving the pair in Singapore.

Ferrari has since downplayed the comments and insisted there was no malice intended with Massa joining the team in insisting there was nothing be made of it.

"The Singapore Grand Prix is already yesterday's news and there are no more reasons to talk about a weekend that was far from positive for me," he said. "It's better to concentrate on the next race weekend, Japan, hoping that it starts well and ends without any unpleasant surprises.

"Just one more thing before I finally turn the page: I've been told that there was a bit of a storm over a phrase that my race engineer said during the race. Apart from the fact that I don't recall what Rob said, I don't think there's any value in stirring up trouble now and trying to link this with the subsequent contact with Hamilton: they are two separate moments and they have nothing to do with each other.

"I'm sure that Lewis and I will find a way to clear this up and put a lid on this story, as is only correct between two drivers. What happens on the track should remain on the track."

Massa will now turn his focus towards the Japanese Grand Prix this weekend but he admitted it was difficult to tell how competitive Ferrari will be until the cars hit the track for first practice on Friday.

"We must wait and see until we actually go out on track, because this season we have sometimes been strong on tracks where we had not expected to be competitive and sometimes it was the opposite," he said. "By the end of Friday free practice, we should begin to get an idea of our Japanese form. I hope we can be able to fight for the top places, even if, at this point of the season, there is not much more to come in the way of updates in terms of aerodynamics and other developments.

"While all the drivers like Suzuka, it has often been frustrating to race there, as overtaking is very difficult, but this year with the DRS, KERS and the influence of the Pirelli tyres, I expect that situation to change. I believe the plan is to have two DRS zones which will be a big help."