Sebastian Vettel insisted that clinching the 2011 world championship was not the first and foremost thing on his mind for Sunday's Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka.

"I'm happy if I wake up, like every morning, and then we have a very nice race, which I'm looking forward to" he said. "Regarding the point or no point, I am not really focusing on that."

More on his mind is making sure that the race is a good one for the F1 fans in Japan. "The Japanese fans are so passionate and so crazy and when we leave the hotel in the morning it is full of people and they are all screaming!" he said.

It's particularly important for Vettel this year that F1 should lift the spirits of the Japanese audience, given all that the country had endured this year with the devastating earthquake and tsunami and ensuing nuclear problems.

"I think most of us like that a lot and to see a disaster happening like at the beginning of the year is dreadful ... we try to give a little bit back and if we can and put on a good show," he said. "It's some entertainment that we can give back and maybe put a smile on the people's faces."

Speaking about putting on a show inevitably leads to questions about the situation in qualifying that saw several cars sit out Q3 in order to preserve tyres, which led to frustration for spectators, drivers and teams alike on Saturday. Does Vettel think that the rules need changing to improve the entertainment?

"I think the cars that didn't go out twice or didn't go out at all - I didn't see it - obviously they used up their tyres beforehand, to make it to Q2 and then to Q3," he pointed out. "For us it's a bit different because we are in a lucky situation whereby the car is good enough, especially in first qualifying, on hard tyres, to usually get through."

He said that the current tyre rules simply required the teams to make a decision about where their points were coming from.

"I think the bottom line is that even if we had more tyres, where do you get the points?" he said. "You get them in the race. So even if you had more tyres, then the situation arises where tyre degradation is high, you still will still - no matter how many sets [of tyres are available.]"

Tyre wear will certainly play a big part in the race itself, and if Vettel wants to finish the day confirmed as world champion he'll have to be master of the wheels as well as king of the track.