Multiple F1 champion Sir Jackie Stewart has warned Lewis Hamilton to improve his 'mental management' if the Briton wants to add to his 2008 F1 title.

The McLaren man has endured a difficult season in 2011 having been involved in a number of controversial incidents on track - which has included collisions with Felipe Massa in the last two races.

Speaking to talkSPORT following the Japanese Grand Prix, where Sebastian Vettel secured the title for the second straight year, Stewart insisted that Hamilton had to get his head right and improve his mindset if he wanted to match his Red Bull rival in becoming a two-time title winner.

"It's to do with the mind," he said. "God gives you huge amounts of natural talent, whoever it may be, whether it be a Wayne Rooney, a Muhammad Ali, a Pele, or whether it was the great Fango or Jim Clark, but there has got to be mental management.

"The mind management is sometimes more important because everyone has been given a gift of God in natural ability when they get to Formula One. But to keep your head together, not to be intoxicated by everything else that goes around, now Jenson Button has got that quality and so also has Sebastian Vettel and a little bit of Lewis' problems is he hasn't had that same, solid down to earth control.

"He has had more collisions than any other major driver I know in the history of motor sport. That has got to stop. You can't keep having collisions. None of the great drivers ever did that. Lewis has got to recalibrate and sometimes because he is so very fast there is errors of judgement made so you have got off back off a little bit and drive within the capabilities of both you and the car and the other people around you."