The argument between Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa which has simmered since the Singapore Grand Prix doesn't appear to be over just yet after the most recent clash between the pair at Suzuka came up on Thursday in Korea ahead of this weekend's F1 event.

Only a matter of weeks after the controversy surrounding the pair in Singapore, where they clashed on track in both qualifying and the race, Hamilton's McLaren again made contact with Massa's Ferrari in the Japanese Grand Prix - this time while the Brazilian was attempting to make a move for position on the Briton.

The incident led to Massa once again being critical of his rival, but speaking in Thursday's FIA press conference, Hamilton said he hoped the pair could get over their disagreements and that he was 'cool' with the Ferrari driver.

"Of course the situation has not been great for some time now," he said. "I've always had respect for Felipe and still do today, regardless of the negative comments that he's constantly coming up with. It's easy, in this sport, when you're competitive and in the heat of the moment, to say things that perhaps you don't mean, whether or not he does mean them.

"But regardless, I've tried to show respect, particularly in the last race, I'm very, very sorry for that. I really didn't see him. I've just seen the replay today and he was quite far up the outside of me but out of my mirrors, I can't see a thing, and I was looking to the right and I couldn't see him, so by the time I realised he was on the left it was too late. I think I've been in the wrong place in the last few races.

"We've had the car to be quite a bit further ahead as Jenson showed and so perhaps if I was doing the right job I wouldn't be in this situation with Felipe but again, just all due respect and I hope that in the future we can put our guards down and he can be cool with me again. I'm cool with him, so I have no problems with him."

Massa however didn't appear to be too impressed with Hamilton's comments, insisting he 'didn't care any more'.

"I've nothing to say," he was quoted by the Daily Telegraph. "I've seen many mistakes, and not from me. I've tried to speak to him and he didn't want to, and to be honest I don't care any more. I'm not going to speak to him.

"I'll just carry on doing my job, like always, and look to the future."