Lotus Renault GP's Vitaly Petrov will have to serve a five-place grid position at the start of the next Grand Prix in India in two weeks time.

Petrov was penalised for having caused an avoidable collision with Mercedes driver Michael Schumacher early in the race in Korea, which ended up putting both cars out of the race.

Petrov arrived too fast into the turn 3 hairpin while slipstreaming the Ferraris, and missed his braking point. He ended up ploughing straight into the right rear of the Mercedes which was already making the turn, demolishing that car's rear wing and putting it out on the spot.

Petrov himself limped back to pit road, but the team confirmed that the Renault was also in no fit state to continue. As a result, the investigation and levying of penalties on Petrov for causing the crash were postponed until after the race.

Petrov was penalised for the incident as defined by Article 16.1 of the 2011 FIA F1 Sporting Regulations. As well as the grid penalty for India, Petrov has also been handed a formal reprimand under a new system introduced by the FIA to crack down on 'repeat offenders' who rack up too many penalties during the course of the season.

Another team to fall foul of post-race stewards' decisions was HRT, who were fined 5000 Euros after being judged to have released the car of Daniel Ricciardo into the path of another car on pit road.

The official statement from the FIA noted that the unsafe release from pit stop was in breach of Article 23.1 (j) of the 2011 FIA F1 Sporting Regulations.