Bernie Ecclestone has praised the new Buddh International Circuit according to Indian Motor Sports Federation president Vicky Chandhok, despite his own admission that the venue is very much in a 'rough and ready' state for its debut in F1.

Ecclestone had been concerned about whether the circuit would be ready in time for this weekend's inaugural Indian Grand Prix but a last minute rush has ensured that the venue is ready for F1 cars to hit the track for the first time in Friday practice.

Despite admitting he expects teething problems, Chandhok said he was pleased with the work that had been carried out and had been given the thumbs up by Ecclestone after his arrival at the circuit.

"This is our first year and there are bound to be endless teething problems per se, but despite that this place is fantastic," he told the Press Association. "It is absolutely stunning. I had Charlie (FIA race director Whiting) drive me round the track this morning, and after Bernie came up, slapped my face and he said to me, 'How did you put up such rubbish?'

"I looked at him aghast and said, 'What are you saying?'. Then he laughed, gave me a big hug, a slap on the back and said, 'Great job'."

With the circuit being funded by private investment, Chandhok added that the owners were keen to ensure that the money put into the venue will be well spent.

"This is private enterprise and it will be looked after," he said. "We need nothing from the government, except an acceptance of the sport. We have been given an opportunity to showcase India - let's not ruin it.

"The circuit onwers, the Jaypee Group, are very new at this sort of thing, new to motor sport. So they have followed certain guidelines and experts from all over the world. It's an eye-opener for them. But nothing is stopping them from keeping going. They are willing to invest more money to make it even better, and I think very few promoters in the world exist like this.

"So for me, what they have done is overwhelming from a personal point of view, and they are giving out the right signs, making the right noises, and that is so encouraging."