Felipe Massa has said he doesn't understand why he was penalised following the incident with Lewis Hamilton today in the inaugural Indian Grand Prix.

Massa and Hamilton made contact on lap 24, with the latter trying to pass the Ferrari for fifth in turn 5.

Although it looked like a racing incident, the stewards opted to give Massa a drive-through penalty.

"My view is that I braked later that him, I was in front and I was on the grippy area as well," Massa told ESPNF1.com. "Then I started to turn and I hit him on the left, so he was behind and he touched my rear wheel.

"To be honest, I don't understand why I have the penalty. It's really not understandable.

"I didn't do anything wrong. When I saw that he put the car on my side, what was he doing? It's very dirty on his side, so I brake on the clean side, on the grippy side, I brake later than him and I start to turn and he is behind me.

"Whoever the driver was I would do the same. I am on the good, grippy [side of the track]. At another track and you try to overtake at that place, he will brake later than me and I would not be able to do anything.

"But in this case I braked and was in front of him and he touched me from behind. So it's nothing to do with it being him. He touched me."

Massa and Hamilton have been at odds now since falling out in Singapore and haven't spoken since. Although Hamilton appeared to try and build bridges prior to the race, and put his arm around the Brazilian following the one-minute silence for Dan Wheldon and Marco Simoncelli, Massa wasn't impressed.

"He didn't try [to mend fences]," added Massa, who retired a few laps later when he whacked the kerbs and broke his front suspension (just like he did on Saturday in Q3). "He didn't try to do anything. When I tried to speak to him he passed through.

"He didn't look to my face. And here after the one minute silence he was by my side and then he said: 'Have a good race'. So 'have a good race', I don't know, it's not part of talking or whatever..."

Massa and Hamilton have now collided on six occasions this year, but despite that Felipe was adamant he doesn't have anything against the McLaren man: "I don't have anything against him. Zero. If I saw him I would tell him what I'm telling you now," he concluded.