Having said he didn't understand why he was penalised in Sunday's inaugural Indian Grand Prix, following the contact with Lewis Hamilton on lap 24 [see separate story - click here], Felipe Massa has now said their relationships is like 'some sort of fatal attraction'.

The incident at the all-new Buddh International Circuit was the sixth time they have had a coming together this year and unsurprisingly it has done little to improve matters between the two rivals, who haven't been on speaking terms since their last spat in Singapore.

"There's not much to say at the end of a weekend like this. I am really unhappy that I was not able to finish a race in which I showed I had the pace to fight for the podium. As for the collision with Hamilton, I can only say I do not share the opinion of the Stewards who inflicted the punishment [of a drive-through penalty]," Massa reiterated.

"I simply stayed on the ideal line, braking on the limit and staying on the part of the track that was rubbered in. What else could I do?

"It's the umpteenth time that Hamilton runs into me this year and it seems it's some sort of fatal attraction...

"In the past, I tried to talk to him but he did not seem to be interested in doing so. Now it's best to immediately turn the page and think of the final two Grand's Prix of the year.

"They are both special, because Abu Dhabi is a sort of second home race for Ferrari, with that amazing theme park which sits alongside the circuit and then comes Interlagos, which is always special for me.

"I will try and forget this trip to India as quickly as possible, but that will be absolutely nothing to do with the country!"

Meanwhile, Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali added that while 'as usual Ferrari respects the decision of the Stewards', in this case 'we have a different view to theirs'. Indeed even Hamilton felt it was probably a 'racing incident' [see separate story - click here].