Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa clashed again on Sunday in the inaugural Indian Grand Prix at the popular all-new Buddh International Circuit, the 17th round in the F1 2011 World Championship.

The incident was the sixth time they have had a coming together this year and unsurprisingly it has done little to improve matters between the two rivals, who haven't been on speaking terms since their last spat in Singapore.

Following the incident and after studying re-plays and telemetry, the stewards opted to give Massa a drive-through.

Unsurprisingly, the Brazilian didn't agree with the punishment [see separate story - click here], while Hamilton himself felt it was probably a 'racing incident' and just 'one of those things', although he did add, 'I really didn't feel like I was at fault' [see separate story - click here].

But what do you think?

Did the stewards get it right?
Was Massa to blame or was it just a racing incident?

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