At a time when F1 is very much in the news when it comes to the world of cinema, with the successful release of the documentary about the life of Ayrton Senna and a film being produced about multiple champion Niki Lauda, one fan of the sport thought it was about time to look at some alternative films that could grace the big screen.

F1 Minimal Movie Posters is the result, with graphic designer Russell Ford having given a number of famous film titles an F1 twist.

Some of the films featured include 'I Am Legend', which becomes a film celebrating '20 years of F1 excellence' for Michael Schumacher, and 'Goldfinger' - with Sebastian Vettel taking on the role of the 'Man with the Midas touch' and Mark Webber becoming the 'Agent under Fire'.

There are also now some great new additions, including 'Public Enemies', which focuses on the on-going feud between Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa, and then there is 'Man on Fire' following Vettel's dominant display during the F1 2011 season, as he successfully defended his title and became the youngest ever double F1 world champion.

In total, Russell has now put together 21 F1 Minimal Movie Posters, which are set to go on sale early next year.

Ahead of that, CLICK HERE to check out all the movie posters and to vote for your favourite...


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