Vitaly Petrov insists that the Lotus Renault GP driver situation stemming from Robert Kubica's absence has left him unfazed during F1 2011.

Indeed, Petrov revealed that he has welcomed the 'revolving door' policy that the Enstone team has seemed to adopt during the season, and compared the situation to that existing in many a football team.

"I don't think anything changes for me," he claimed. "I think it will be better for the team. It's like football - when a new coach joins a team, what he does first of all is look at the team and watches where the players are playing. Then he puts the people in the right places, where they should be playing. Then teams become more competitive and play stronger.

"This is actually what we try to do inside the team. The team principal tries to change some people, to move them around and try to profit from this."

After the crash which resulted in his more illustrious team-mate being sidelined for this season at least, Petrov believes that the Renault team has 'experimented' with both Nick Heidfeld and, currently, Bruno Senna. GP2 champion Roman Grosjean presence in Senna's car during FP1 at Abu Dhabi and Brazil also fuels speculation that the young Frenchman is poised to return to F1.

The combination of Kubica's possible return in 2012 and money not seeming to be such an issue thanks to funding from owner Genii Capital could potentially blow the driver situation wide open, but Petrov remains unconcerned about his own position, pointing to the contract he holds for next season.

"For me, everything is clear. I have a contract for next year, I don't need to be worried, so I just try to do my job, try to gather a lot of information for next year for us in these last two races," he insisted, "I and the team are fully concentrated on the team for next year, so I'm quite clear."

by Simon Evans